Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You know you live in a backwards town when...

They don't repair the streets, turn off half the street lights and close down the library. All three of those things are in the works with the street lights going off in January. As near as I can tell the streets have not been repaired in about 20 years. The dirt road I used to live on was nicer then most of the streets in town.

The City's Administrator, Dave O'Leary, has said that the City can no longer pay for library services and if the voters turn down annexation, the Shelton Library would close. The City Commission is expected to see the first draft of the cancellation letter next Monday.

It looks like I have found myself a hiking partner who won't mind if I talk to myself. I have long debated getting a dog to go hiking with and mostly did not get a dog because they are not allowed in national parks and have to be on the leash in the National Forest trails. But access to the National Parks from Shelton in the winter is almost nil and I've been doing mostly road hikes ever since they started closing staircase in the winter. I'm thinking I'll be free to let her run off leash on washed out and gated up roads in the National Forest. It's not like there is anything she can damage in a third growth tree farm and I hike on roads that are closed to cars and I never see other hikers on these roads.

I'll have to teach her how to heel on a leash so I can walk her into Staircase and Dosewallips campgrounds. But I won't be able to teach her to heel until my wrists are a bit stronger. She is a five-year-old Springer Spaniel. My neighbors adopted her from the pound yesterday but only kept her for one day because she was trying to eat their pet birds (well she is a bird dog!). I first saw her today when my neighbors were walking her back the pound. I offered to take her since I love spaniels and had been shopping for a pound dog before I broke my wrist. I got a good deal here since the pound charges $75 to adopt a dog. My neighbors were quite happy to give her to me and return home instead of finishing their walk to the pound. Good thing I just happened to be out walking then.

She is spayed and housebroken and knows the commands sit and lay down.


kadfoto said...

That's too bad about the library, I'd really miss our library if it shut down.

Congrats on the dog! She's cute!

Fred said...

I would miss the library too. It's bad enough having to go all the way to Olympia just to get a bubble tea. (kidding) My kids love the library and I like to get art supplies out of the free magazine bin up there. It is also a nice place for me to study away from the kids.