Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy New Solar Year

Are you ready for another wild ride around the sun? I'm not sure I can survive another ride as wild as this last one. At this time last year I was disgusted and discouraged by my experience with statistics, back stabbing friends and teachers pets at Evergreen. But a new quarter started in January and I had a good professor who taught an interesting class that was exactly as advertised. Anyway I'm going back this winter after taking Fall off due to a mania induced broken wrist. Wish me luck!

My mini city needs to build it's transportation network so please visit it.

I think I may go hiking tomorrow I'll have to do a short hike since I think pretty much no matter where I go I'll be snowshoeing. I have a 4 mile hike in mind if only my Jeep can get there. I wonder if I should subject my dog to a snowshoe hike. She will be sinking, but I guess she can always walk in my tracks while I pretend to be Good King Wenceslas.

I'm glad that the jesus thing we have to go through every year at this time is almost over. What an exhausting day it has been. Too many little pieces of plastic shit from China everywhere. Some asshole gave play doh to my 4 year old. Why did I marry an asshole? I'm sure parents had it better back in the little house on the prairie days when the kids would get one or two presents each. But then they all lived in the same room with their kids, but then they were allowed to beat them if they misbehaved... Hmmm

Ok so I've managed to get enough drugs into my system to quell the mania some but
not without a price. I was a zombie this morning, unable to do a damn thing, then I felt good for a bit, then I went manic again... sigh.. It seems like there is no happy medium. Zombie or manic, hard choice. Zombie is miserable and manic is costly. Basically life is going to suck until this episode ends.

"What we can't live with lives with us anyway. Soul melting into confusion, what does this fusion mean?" - John Trudell

Ah well at least the days are getting longer and Perihelion is approaching.

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