Friday, December 19, 2008

I guess I won't hike tomorrow

"A major winter storm is on tap this weekend. Heavy snow is expected to develop along the coast on Saturday afternoon and then spread into the interior of western Washington early Saturday evening. Heaviest snow will occur on the Kitsap peninsula... along Hood Canal... and from Olympia and Chehalis west to the central coast near Ocean Shores. 10 to 18 inches of snow is expected close to Hood Canal. Other locations within this area should get 5 to 12 inches of snow." - National Weather Service

I'm not going hiking tomorrow!

Today is now tomorrow and I think I should have gone hiking. The snow is falling pretty good now at 2:00 and I had planned to by home by 1 because I was going to leave the house at about 5am. I keep waking up at about 4am and trying to sleep until about 8:30 so the plan for today was to just get up and go at 4am. But I let my husband talk me out of it.

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