Saturday, December 6, 2008

I can still do regression with Excel

If I were trying to prove a genetic basis for a mental illness I would be ecstatic about this r squared value. But this is the real world so I have to fail to reject the Null Hypothesis. What was the null hypothesis? I'm not telling. Too bad I could not get by with an answer like that when I took that hideous class last fall.

So far this year I have day hiked 130 miles and gained 28,144 feet in elevation that is not total elevation just elevation change from trail head to turn around point.

I also did one 25 mile backpack. I did not do much hiking compared to last year and the snow lowered my miles on two hikes while sickness lowered the mileage on one of my hikes. My average hike length was 6.9 miles and I've only done 19 day hikes.

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