Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gossamer Gear is having growing pains

I got this form letter in my email box today and I am very disappointed.

Dear [Mossy Mom],

I’m writing to thank you for all of the contributions you have made to Gossamer Gear and our customers in your role as a Trail Ambassador. Last year was pivotal for us and marked our transition from being a small cottage manufacturer to a mid-sized company with higher quality products and significantly more manufacturing capacity. Your sponsorship of the Gossamer Gear brand during this transition played an important role in the helping us achieve record growth last year.

Unfortunately we will not be renewing your membership in the Trail Ambassador Program this year in order to give some fresh faces a chance to get involved and to give back to their local communities. With the growth of our customer base, the interests and types of recreational activities our customer are involved with has diversified considerably, and we feel it’s important to add them to the Trail Ambassador Program and incorporate their needs into our product development process.

This change in your status does not affect the regard we have for you and our desire to keep you as an active member of our Trail Ambassador Alumni. While we can’t offer you all of the benefits of our active Trail Ambassadors, we'd like provide you with an extension of your Trail Ambassador 25% prodeal discount on Gossamer Gear products with the following discount code: RETIRED2014, good through 2014.

Best regards,

Grant Sible
President, Gossamer Gear
You are receiving this email because you are a Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador.


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