Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Hiking Stat's

It's time for my once a year Excel refresher course.  2013 was a record breaking year for me, but just barely.  I'm glad that it was just barely, that gives me a better chance of being able to break my record again next year.

All my hikes compared by mileage but with most duplicates deleted

My steepest hike was Wagon Wheel but if the road to Snow
Lake was open then Snow Lake would have been the Steepest

A low R squared value means that one variable does not predict the other.  A low
P value means that the odds of this happening by chance are low.  So in other words
my going on a long hike does not cause me to gain more elevation but chances are
that if I go on a longer  hike I will gain more elevation.

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