Monday, April 7, 2008

Getting Stronger

I bet my readers are getting bored with reading about my colds and flu's... I'm still weak from the last one, if I don't come down with something new I'll hike next weekend. This last one was the worst of the season. It has been two weeks now and I still have a cough.

Lately I have developed a taste for Angelica tea. So today I looked it up on the Internet and found this:

"Angelica tea is a stimulating tonic. Use it when an illness has left you feeling weak."

So there you have it.

I went snow tubing with my family on Snoqualmie pass. The mountains were beautiful but crowded and congested with cars and their exhaust. I am so glad that the Olympic Mountains do not have a free way through the middle of them. I have also decided that skiing or ski resorts are very bad for the environment.

I can't draw at all but after just one week I am learning to draw, I must have a good teacher! I drew a pine cone that looks like a pine cone this week! Remember I can not draw at all so I am rather proud of this sloppy little pine cone. If I can do this in just one week ANYONE can learn to draw.

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