Monday, March 31, 2008

Silly Internet Game

Here is a fun little game visit my city and help it grow.

This is the first day of Spring Quarter but I don't go in until tomorrow. I will be well enough to go to class but not well enough to hike. I hope to be well enough to go on a hike next weekend. I'm going to Snoqualmie pass to do some snow innertubing with my family on the weekend too.

This quarter I am taking a class in art theory and beginning drawing. I hope to learn how to draw the trees that I love so much. Last quarter went really well for me, I hope this quarter goes well too. Fall quarter was a night-mare and might have turned me off science forever.

At my evaluation conference (we don't get grades at Evergreen) my prof suggested that I go to grad school. No one has ever suggested that to me before, I was surprised. He also said my evaluation was the equivelent of an "A". Pretty kewl! I did not get that kind of positive feed back last quarter.

Morels are sprouting in Seattle and Carnation so I took the girls out to look for them near home but no luck. I've never had good luck with morels. I was actually looking for verpas and I looked in an area with cottonwood trees. I also looked in a clear-cut that once had cottonwood trees but there was too much snow. Maybe I will go back later this week.

I'll leave you with a picture of a white chanterelle I found last year but did not pick. When I returned to pick it I foudn that someone else had picked it for me. I'm glad I at least got a picture of it.

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