Monday, March 10, 2008

Denny Ahl Hill

I’m sick from September to April every year since my oldest started kindergarten. I was in bed trying to decide if I should hike. I woke up to late thanks in part to the time change. I had to be back in Oly by 5:30, it really was too late to go hiking. I lay in bed trying to decide what to do with my day, and then the phone rang. It was a geocacher looking for company to find a local cache that had been sitting unfound for a few months.

That phone call got me out of bed and onto the trail. I thought we had time to hike 6 miles RT but we had to rush to get back down because there was enough snow to make the going slow. Without the snow it would have been easier to make good time.

We were actually hoping to be able to drive to the cache but snow stopped my Jeep 3 miles short of the cache. The old rail road grade was gentle and there were some pretty spots in the second growth forest.

No views at the top but a good workout. There might be view on a clear day.

6 miles RT with 1024 feet elevation gain.

Wore snowshoes for almost the entire way.

14 miles on my new shoes


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