Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Spring Break

I’ve been ill all week, so much for getting in some hiking on spring break. I’ll be lucky if I feel 100% by the time Spring Quarter starts. At least I got to stay home while I was ill. All of my family has this and it is nasty. I was ill last week at this time and today is the first day that I have felt any better. But I spent most of today in bed. The laundry is piling up and the house is getting messy. My 11 year old is sleeping on the couch; she has been there since she got home from school. My 4 year old is sleeping on the hallway floor just outside my bedroom. My husband is sleeping in his shit room (the one room that I never clean) we call his room the “shit room” because he was too lazy to look for the cat poop. I’m sitting in bed and composing this on my lap top.

I’m number one on the wait list for a drawing class and I should get it. I was going to use staircase as my studio but the Forest and Park service have now decided not to re-open Staircase until June 9th. I’m bummed about that. It really has been tough finding anything other then a logging road to hike on this winter with so much snow and all the closed wildlife gates and Staircase closed again.

I’ve managed to lose weight without going hiking. I’ve been too sick to eat for the last week. But my hunger is back today so I know I am recovering. I have not written my self evaluation for the quarter because I have been too ill. Even this blog entry is written at only 5th grade level according to Microsoft Word.

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