Sunday, April 27, 2008

How much is an hour worth?

Is it worth $1.13? If I rode the bus to campus 3 times a week instead of driving I would save $41.00 a month but it would cost me 3 extra hours a day or 36 hours a month in commute time. I would save $1.13 for each extra hour on the bus. I think my time is worth more then $1.13.

Also breathing in cigarette smoke and extra auto exhuast is part of waiting for the bus. There is really no avoiding it. There is no way to calculate how much life I may or may not lose by breathing in second hand smoke and a bit of extra auto exhaust.

If I drive I don't have to breath in any cigarette smoke until I arrive on campus.
There is no way to walk across campus without breathing in some smoke. I would like to see that change. There is talk of banning smoking on campus, I hope it happens.

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