Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm swamped with college work this week. By Friday I have to submit a 5 page research paper, a parade costume and a PowerPoint presentation. Today I had to submit a one page seminar paper based on reading half a book this weekend. Tomorrow I need to submit ten sketches. This is one serious art class!

I'm going a be a koi in the parade and I made a koinobori (carp streamer) to carry. Actually I've made 4 of them. I will use the third one I made in the procession of the species parade.

I thought paper mache was about laying the paper just right but I ended up with a big ugly blob of heavy nothing. So I decided to mold it like clay and learned that is one of the things you do with the stuff. What started as a diaster turned out ok. But how long is it going to take this thing to dry? It has been almost 72 hours now and I have to start painting this thing! This picture was taken after 24 hours.

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