Sunday, March 6, 2016

Drenched on the Dose

Not much to report, the washout before the washout is passable in a low slung car.  Ranger Ken Davis was up there dayhiking, that was a surprise.  I did not think that LEO Rangers ever went hiking.  It's 11 miles round trip.

We got soaked with about 1.5 inches of rain, but my rain gear was up to the challenge.

My feet were BONE DRY in my gortex boots.  The secret is to have good quality boots (not Salomon brand) and wear rain pants.

My magical cuben fiber tarp made lunch tolerable.

Not many pictures due to the almost non-stop rain.

Rain did get lighter after lunch at least. 

We saw two herds of elk on the way down, one herd had over 60 animals in it!

I would not have invited my hiking partner along if I had known it was going to rain so hard.  She does not like rain.  But after surviving this hike she has decided that maybe hiking in the rain is better then just sitting at home.


Pliny said...

Good job. I like the fact someone can enjoy the outdoors even in difficult conditions. It is a good test of your rain gear and you attitude!
I see you were well prepared, even a rain fly and cooking gear for lunch. I may be headed up that way soon. Love the waterfalls. I assume, of course that they have that wash out all fixed by now. (Ha,ha).

Mossy Mom said...