Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Water under the bridge at Lena Lake

Another soaker at Lena Lake, but this time with a surprise.  There was water under the bridge, I've seen that a time or too.  There was also water on the trail before the bridge.  I have never seen that before.

  I had to pebble hop to get across.  Others chose to wade.  Strange, normally I'm the one who wades while others pebble hop.

At the lake the rain started to pour.  My hiking partner got discouraged.  It has been raining an awful lot.  They did not want tea, but I did.  To me the hot drink in the middle of the hike is the highlight of the entire hike.  I had a cup of coffee and a couple of roast beef sandwiches.

We had fun taking waterfall pictures.

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