Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ralph's Road Walk

I did a short road walk to a new area yesterday.  I had hoped to hike at least ten miles, but the rain and the cold drove me back a bit.  I only did 7 miles.  Patches was shivering and my camera was getting wet.

My goal was a clearing the might have had a view.  It had sort of a view and lots of snow.

It takes a lot of rain to drive me back, so you know this was one wet and nasty day.  I decided to do a road hike so I would be up high and away from the flood waters.

I managed to get a few pictures that made me happy in spite of the conditions.
7 miles 1,600 feet elevation gain

Mount Lincoln

This fog was inside of my camera!

Patches loves to eat snow

We got into some snow above 3,000 feet, but it was melting.

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