Friday, December 4, 2015

My gear this winter

Here is what I packed for my most recent hike.  This is my set up for an all day hike in the rain in the winter.

For warmth,I included rain coat and pants, hat, glove and extra socks.  For extra insulation I also pack a fleece vest and a fleece jacket.   On my feet I wore gortex boots to keep them warm and dry.  I wore two layers of socks, very thin sock with a warmer sock over it.  The thin sock keeps me from getting blisters.

   I also packed two snap type reusable hand warmers and a USB handwarmer / flashlight / battery.

For navigation and safety I packed my Garmen GPSmap 60csx with several maps loaded and some way points to mark my intended route.  I also packed my Delorme inReach satellite messenger.  I included extra batteries for my gps and my headlamp and USB cords that I can use to charge my inreach or power my GPS with my USB handwarmer.

I also packed a first aid kit, and evernew water bag and a sawer squeeze full sized filter.

Also in my kit is a titanium mug, alcohol stove, widescreen, BIC lighter and a coffee mix.  The bottle with an orange "X" on the top holds my fuel.  I love to have a hot drink during a cold and rainy lunch break, so I always have my little kitchen kit with me.

New this year is my 8.5 ounce cuben fiber tarp.  The tarp is 7X9 and the weight includes, two stakes and string to pitch it with.

For lunch I just grabbed a bunch of stuff off the shelves of the local expired food store in Shelton.    It was all expired but it all tasted okay.  I only wish the jerky had not been so sweet.  I needed more savory and salty stuff.

I pack my botany hand lens everywhere, it has a blue lanyard in the picture.  Also in my pack is some flagging in case I go off trail.  I carry a small swiss army classic knife for tweezers and scissors.  If it's mushroom season then I pack a bigger knife.  If I think there will be any trouble with people on my hike I also carry a weapon.  My weapon is not a firearm.

All of this stuff goes into my homemade pack pack the Mossy Mom 2.0

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