Thursday, February 20, 2014

Walker Mountain Tummy Ache

I think this is Mount Constance

Another hellish bus ride today.  I'm not going to ride with that driver again.  One hour and ten minutes is too long to tolerate such jerky driving.  Patches was uncomfortable too.  The ride home with Bruce was just fine. 

There is about 6 inches of snow on top at most.  I had packed gaiters but did not need them. A lot of people were out enjoying the sunny weather in Quilcene while it rained everywhere else.

I met Bob and Barb of WTA fame.  They have the most trips reports up there.   They had just come up the trail and I was about to head back down from the North summit.  Barb recognized Patches.  They cheered me up a little by telling me that I am not the slowest hiker in the world.  Hi Barb and Bob!

What to do about that bus driver?  I can't ride with her again.  Should I stop going to Mount Walker or should I put in a complaint?

When she stops at Hoodsport she always has a drink from what looks like a water bottle and then she puts something small in her mouth.   My imagination is running wild with that.

6 miles 2,000 feet elevation gain 1,000 odd calories


Spring is in the air

Logging scars and diesel fumes

Slightly botched panorama from the south viewpoint

How did this snow get in here?  I had to kick the snow and ice off
of the seat before I could use the facilites... 

Patches says "let me off this bus!"

Such a pretty ride in the morning when the driver is not making you ill

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