Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lower Lena Lake

a fine dusting of power snow from the night before at Lena Lake
With a sunny forecast and some fresh snow on the ground I thought that Lena Lake was the place to go to take pictures on this day.  I was still feeling some aches and pains from my last hike up Mount Rose, so something easy like Lena Lake sounded good.

I got off to a bit of a late start when a friend called and said he wanted to go with me.  I was really glad that my friend wanted to come and since it was his turn to drive he saved me some gas too.

We made good time going up to the lake. We left the main trail just after the upper bridge and walked around the lake counter-clock-wise.  I was hoping to find the Pstyle that I lost there on my last hike but no dice.

There was a nice view at the outlet stream though and this turned out to be my best photography window of the hike.  When we finally picked our way around to the shore opposite lunch rock the wind was blowing and the lake was choppy.

Darn it, no chance for reflection photography here today.  This was my third attempt to try to re-take a shot that I took with my old camera years ago.  I really want to take that same shot with my pro camera, but the conditions never turn out to be the same.

By the time we stopped to eat lunch I was having a blood sugar crash.  My lunch was six slices of salami with some feta, mayo and mustard on a roll.  That was the best tasting sandwich I have ever eaten.  Funny how food tastes so good when you are starving.. :)  I also brewed up some Vina cafe instant coffee for myself and my friend.  After lunch I got a really nice hikers high.

It was quite cold up there so, we did not linger for long in anyone spot. 

We saw fresh rabbit tracks on the bridge.  Who knew that bunnies used trail bridges?

7.5 miles with 1,200 feet elevation gain 1080 calories

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