Friday, February 14, 2014

Mount Rose sunrise dial-a-ride

The bus picked me up at 6am and left me in the dark at 7am.  I headed up with my headlamp on, but soon the sun came up.  I had 8 hours to do this 5 hour hike, so I took my time.  I did not want to get cold before my pick up at  3:15-3:45.

It was cold and windy at the top and it was snowing, so I did not linger.  I dropped back down to just above horse camp and had my second hot cuppa there.  I had my first cuppa at about 800 feet because I thought I felt a migraine coming on.

I am not a morning person, so these early morning bus trips take it out of me, but at least I get to see the sunrise and catch the morning sweet light.

I broke the trail and did a lot of postholing on the ridge.  at 1:40 I saw two guys in their 30-s to 40's heading up with no packs and wearing  nothing but cotton tee shirts, shorts and running shoes.  That's crazy.

My bus went right past the turn off for Mount Rose and I was afraid it was going all the way to staircase, but it did not. The driver turned around and picked me up 5 minutes later.

I never get solitude on Mount Rose anymore.. has my blog got something to do with it?

7 miles 3,400 feet elevation gain.

dappled sun on moss

Deer track

Patches!  U no like this bridge?

Panorama from near the top

The mighty Summit

The mighty Summit from a different angle

I got to break the trail

Glad I brought my gaiters!

Pipe Cleaner moss lines the trail

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