Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vincent Hill Dumpster Diving

The holidays are coming and I’m getting wound up as usual.  I needed to go hiking today to calm my nerves.  Today was the last full day of school for the kids, so I took advantage and got out on one last hike.
I wanted to hike in the National Forest today but the snow level was too low and I had to settle for Green Diamond land.  I never quite got away from the sounds of logging noise all day long.  I did however get some exercise and some sunlight.  I was only able to drive this far because Simpson had plowed the 23 line to Camp Govey where they are logging.  I’ve never seen them logging in the snow before.  Lumber prices are up and the mill is not going to break up for the winter.
I spent some time playing in the snow on the summit since this was such a short hike and I was not ready to go home so early.  My wedding tin stove worked great in the snow.  It burns really slow, so it does not melt holes in the snow causing the pot to tip over.  The stove is also very efficient albeit quite slow.  It’s a trade off.
4 miles round trip with 1,000 feet elevation gain.

High Steel Bridge

Time for a haircut


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