Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Newest ultralight cook system

Here is a field test of my newest ultralight cook system.  This is  a YACC stove with a Heineken keg can wind screen (they don't make the keg can anymore) and a MSR titan cup. 

The stove is made of a beer can.  The can is larger than a pop can so it burns a bit hotter.  A  hotter burning YACC stove is good to have in the winter because it pressurizes quickly.  In the video I am just checking to see if it stays lit after putting a mug dripping with ice over the flame several times.   It did stay lit and it boiled water in spite of being bombed by ice and snow from the maple tree above me.

For my cup I have switched from the ziplock to a slightly heavier leak proof mug that is big enough to contain my entire kitchen. The mug weighs 3.6 ounces. It is important to me to have a mug / cup that is water tight. A water tight cup can be used to start rehydrating food while still hiking, can be used to pack out leftovers and can double as an extra water bottle.

I bought this cup at Safeway. It is made in New Zealand and it locks up like a lock-n-lock container. I've not used this cup in the field yet.  By shaking it over the sink or even just holding it upside down when filled with cold water I have found that is it not 100% watertight, that is a major disappointment for me.  I think  It should be watertight with this type of locking system, perhaps I take it back to Safeway and exchange it for a different one.  The gasket is just a little too small I think, or the clips don't press down hard enough.  Even though it is not completely not water tight it should work  Okay if kept upright in my packs side pocket.

I really like that I can put my entire cook system in this cup and then clip it down, thus elminated the need for a sack of any type to carry my cookset in.

  This entire system weighs in at 7 ounces including one small BIC lighter but not including fuel.

Entire system fits in mug and weighs 6.9 ounces with lighter

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