Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gold Mountain with family

Green Mountain from Gold Mountain

It was a foggy hazy view so my pictures today are not the best, also most of them were taken with a zoom lens.

Track log. I don't have a topo map for this area.

Zoom on Mount Walker From Gold Mountain

Lake Tahuya from Gold Mountain

Quilcene bay zoom from Gold Mountain

I seem to be stuck in a rut only hiking in the SW Olypmics and never going far from home. I think the rut started with the high gas prices last summer and the late heavy snows last winter.

I can't get the the Lower South Fork Skok right now due to the snow and staircase is just a road walk until they open the gate. I thought of doing the Gray Wolf trail today but I did not feel like getting up early enough in the morning to make it up there. So instead to get out of my rut I went to Gold Mountain with my toddler. My husband surprised me by saying he wanted to go too.

Today I pushed my 40 pound 4 year old to a look out on Gold Mountain. The last time I pushed her in her stroller she weighed about 20 pounds. Hubby came along and nearly could not make the walk up. He has been smoking for too many years.

There was a nice view in spite of it being overcast. I could see the smoke from Tacoma but for the fist time ever I could not see the smoke from Shelton. The saw mill in Shelton is pretty much shut down.

This is a 4 mile round trip hike to a really nice view point. The walk starts at a locked gate at the end of Minard road just past Docotor Killoran's house. Just stay on the main road for most of the walk but veer off to the left and walk around a small hill to get a veiw of the Olympics.

30 miles on my new shoes

This hike was 4 miles with 760 feet elevation gain.
It was hard work pushing that 45 pound stroller up the hill.

Starting point:
N 47.31.669 W 122.47.970
View Point is at
N 47.32.827 W 122.48.933

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Mission and Panther Lakes from Gold Mountain

Jupiter Ridge and Lake Tahuya from Gold Mountain

Grizdale weanie roast III (a day earlier)

Staying dry at Grizdale III weanie roast the day before

Gold Mountian Profile Log

Warming Fire on windy Gold Mountain

Hubby looked tired

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