Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Weenie Roast

It has been close to two months since my last hike. I have been ill and the snow level has been low. Today I decided to go see just where the snow level was. So I loaded up my Jeep with firewood, hot dogs and marshmallows and went exploring with my family. We did not make it very far, we were hoping to go to Brown Creek Camp Ground but we were less then 1/2 there when the snow turned us back.

We probably could have kept going a lot further but we were not in the mood to do much snow driving today. So we went to a spot near Lake West and had a relaxing day roasting weenies in the woods.

It felt great to be out in the woods and away from the information overload at home. I only wish my 5 year old had talked a bit less. Maybe I will bring some wine with me next time so I'll be less irritable.

The dog has a swim in a creek, this was good as it cleaned her up some. She cut her paw on something and was leaving blood paw tracks in the snow. She stopped bleeding by the time we got home, good thing because she is too wet to stay outside tonight and I don't want blood on my carpet.

I did not think to bring my camera, I'm still too manic to do much in the way of planning for any of my outings. I hope to go hiking next week while my husband is on break. Then I can hike in the middle of the week and hopefully have the road or trail all to myself.

Mount Walking is tempting me. It is accessible in the snow because the trail head is right off 101. It is a short but steep hike. I don't know what kind of shape I am in after not hiking for so long. I have been doing a lot of digging. Digging up plants from my old house and digging holes for fruit trees.

I ordered three fruit trees and some blueberry bushes but I don't think they are going to come because my credit card got turned off when I forgot to pay the bill for the third time in the last 12 months. Very irritating but still my cash back reward more then makes up for the late fees. I think I may need to re-order the trees though.

I had to fill in one of the holes I dug because I realized it was too close to the garden, yep still manic. Dig a big hole, fill it back in, dig a big hole, fill it back in. At least I am aware enough of my environment to know to stop before I throw out my back.

I want to go to the Moonstone Beach Motel but they now want $80 a night. That is too much. The place has always been a dive but it sits right on the beach so I like to go there. Last I went there was about three years ago and the price was was
$55 a night then.

I also want to go camping but am not sure where to go. I know the snow level is low and I don't like to pay State Park prices and the National Forest campgrounds are all closed this time of year so that only leaves the National Park. Well to get to the National Park by car I would have to go to the West Side of the Olympics. It rains a lot there and I don't feel like driving that far.

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