Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Expensive New Shoes

One of my new shoes has gone missing. These were very expensive shoes because they are waterproof. They also had brand new green Superfeet insoles that I ordered online. I suspect that my 12 year old daughter hid one of my shoes right before she went to Grandma's house for the week. These shoes only have 30 miles on them and they have never been worn on pavement. The look brand new and they are still waterproof. This is a disaster!

If I can't find my shoes I may just have to wear my old boots. They are Asolo brand and have very low mileage on them. I'll be sure to get blisters if I hike in them though. It is dark and I am tired but I am very tempted to go out and look for my shoe.

Normally I keep these shoes inside in my "camping closet" but I lapsed and left them on the front porch after my Gold Mountain Hike. I remember saying "I hope my shoes will be safe here" in front of my 12 year old as I left them there.

She has the motive to hide my shoe. She was mad at me for coming down hard on her when she called me a bitch. Tomorrow I will have to call Grandma's house and see about my shoe... hmmm I think I will go look in the outside garbage can right now before the garbage truck comes!

Of course my 12 year old could be innocent so I won't accuse her outright but I will ask her if she has seen my shoe and then maybe ask her if she expects me to water her plants while she is gone.

On a brighter note I found my old hiking boots at my ex-husbands house. (It used to be my house) I went out there to dig up my asparagus crowns. Now I could work on a WTA trail crew. You have to wear boots and a hard hat to work on a WTA crew. The boots are nice for gardening and staying warm while sitting around a campfire. But I would not dream of hiking in them. Boots are too heavy for hiking!

I'll keep you posted as I am sure you are all as anxious about my shoe as I am.

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