Wednesday, June 1, 2016

North Fork Quinault, Elip Creek, Three Lakes Loop

Too tired to write about this. Here are the pictures:
Three days of hiking

Near the 4,000 foot high point

A wall of hornworts

The largest of the three lakes

Elip Creek

The largest of the three lakes

This is an old picture of the bridge that is now sideways.  This is on the Big Creek Trail.

Kicking steps and climbing to the high point, almost could have used ice axes here

My duomid at Elp Creek. I'm not sure yet if I like this tent.

Largest Alaska Yellow Cedar 

Quinalt River near the start of the North Fork trail

Henderson's Shooting Star

creepy sign for the Elip Creek Trail

The 4,000 foot saddle


Western Toad

Western Toad

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Shawn Brannon said...

This looks like a great hike!