Monday, May 23, 2016

Upper South Fork Skokomish to Camp Riley

Frog eggs
We started our hike at about 11:30, ah the long days of summer.  We were tired by the time we made it to Camp Riley so we made no attempt for the summit.  Patchy Snow started at Camp Riley.  Lots and lots of frogs eggs at Camp Riley.

Trail is in pretty good shape after winter.  All the same bridges are still out.  Fording the Skok 2 miles in was easy enough, but we did have to remove our shoes.

About 11 miles with about 1900 feet elevation gain.

Cows in the Skokomish Valley

Second lunch

These eggs are in danger just like they were last year in this same spot

Frog eggs

False Morel (Gyromitra esculenta)

Camp Riley reflections

Mystery fungi, not animal hair

Red Net-winged Beetle (Dictyoptera simplicipes

Dog vomit slime mold  Fuligo septica

Slime mold

Vanilla leaf

Dog vomit slime mold

Sphagnum squarossum

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