Thursday, June 9, 2016


I don't like writing about my hikes anymore.  So maybe this blog will just be pictures from now on.

There were 5 other people in 3 other parties on the trail with us.  I used to be able to count on solitude on this trail on a weekday.  I don't know what is causing so much change, but none of my trails are as isolated as they used to be.  I hope my blog is not contributing to this.

My love for blogging and sharing has plummeted.  I was badly burned by someone I trusted to tell a secret route too. He did not keep it secret and he went back and  placed a geocache on a route that he swore he would keep secret!  He also gave his friends detailed instructions on finding it and posted pictures of it on Facebook.   When I quit speaking to him over this, he went back and vandalized the special place that he swore he would keep secret.  I really hate him and can never forgive him for that.

No one gets to hear about my secret spots now and I might even stop naming the trails I am hiking on.

This trail is dangerous and not for casual hikers.  It is easy to get lost here.


Margaret Obenza said...

Sorry to hear you might not write entries anymore, but I understand. I'll miss your candid recaps! I really enjoy your blog so thank you for putting it out there and I'll continue to follow for your beautiful photos. Cheers!

wafflesnfalafel said...

The paradox of many travelers - help destroy what you sought out... And hiking is super trendy right now.