Saturday, April 2, 2016

Pyramid Hill, first backpack of the year

 Back to the hill before the gates open and make hiking no fun.  I used to hate it when the gates shut and love it when they opened.  Now it’s the other way around.  Shut gates actually mean more hiking “trails” and closer to home.  For this overnighter I took the dial-a-ride.  There was not a good place to park, so dial-a-ride was the answer.

We were dropped off at about 11:30, so we had plenty of time to hike in.  We took our time stopping and different creeks and resting in the shade.  It was not very hot but our destination was very exposed and not really a fun place to be in the sun.

I tanked up on 3 liters of water and headed up the hill for real at 3pm.  I had another .75 of a liter of water waiting for me at the top that I had stashed up there the week before.  I know that we need 3 liters of water to get through the night comfortably.  That’s with me having two cups of tea and cooking breakfast and dinner with water and with Patches getting to drink all that she wants.

When we got to the top Patches tipped over her water bowl with her stupid cone.  I was glad to have the extra bottle of water.

I set up my pyramid; set up went well with my new longer trekking poles and the trekking pole extension.  The mid is heavy for what it is but it does set up very fast.  I feel misled by the fact that the weights listed on the website do not include everything you need for set up. lists accurate in the field weights.  Oh well, at least my Pyramid is photogenic.  It’s a silnylon duomid, just right for me and Patches, but too small for me and my daughter.

Sunset was not that great, but I was there for star trails and sun rise.  After dark I did some star trails.  I don’t have a lot of star trail experience so I’m not the best at it yet.  Then the moon came up and cast a beautiful reflection on the canal.

Sunrise was kind of blah.  I did not get a lot of sleep as I was up half the night taking pictures, but the sleep I got was good.  I did not have any of my usual fear of camping alone and I think I only screamed one time when patches was moving in the bushes.  I find that I am less afraid when I camp way up high where the light and the views are better.  Also I think there are far less animals in the woods at a dry camp, so there is less noise in the night.

My ride back was not to pick me up until 5:30, so I had all day to hike out.  I packed up at about 9:30 and then went just around the corner to a spot that is less exposed.  I sat there for about an hour and read a book.   Then I hiked most of the way out before taking a break at a beautiful little creek just 200 feet off the trail. 

A couple of brush picker vans drove by, but each time I was in the woods so they did not see me.
I spent about 3 hours at the creek eating lunch, brewing coffee and reading a classic book about Pygmies.
My ride picked me up closer to my early time than my late time and I liked that.  I hate waiting next to the road with my backpack on, I feel so vulnerable. 

I think I got a lot of good pictures on this trip and that was the goal. This was not a wilderness trip up a pretty trail, but the view was great.  I took my cell phone with me since this was not a wilderness trip and it makes my bedridden terminally ill husband happy.

Ten miles with 800 feet elevation gain.

I want to go back again before the gates open up.

Moon rise over the canal all the lights Seattle, Tacoma and more in the background

First amphibian egg spotting of the year

Moon rise reflects off of the canal,exposed  more for the moon

Moon rise reflects off of the canal, exposed for the city lights

dog tired at sunset

Seattle peeking out behind Gold Mountain

chilly at sunrise

tanking up before heading up the hill

dog tired on the ride home


Thistle said...

Love the evening Robin photo! Great start to the season and those are cool star photo's!

Mossy Mom said...

Thanks.. that was at sunrise. What a lucky shot.