Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ellinor Winter Glissade with the PWC and Mount Walker

Fancy restaurant on the canal?

I joined up with the Peninsula Wilderness Club, (PWC) for some ice axe training on Mount Ellinor.  I've done the full glissade just one time and it terrified me and I've never been back.  Now after this hike, I know that the snow conditions were bad that day.  In good snow conditions it's not quite so scary.

I was a member of the PWC very early in my hiking career, but then I moved and forgot about them.  I just might join them again.  They are doing a trip up Mount Adams that I would love to join them for.

Most of my group hiking experiences have been negative, but not with this group.  This group hikes like a group and they wait for each other.  I was able to keep up to them with no problem.  Other "groups" just left me in the dust, anxious and panting.  What is the point of a group hike if the "leaders" go flying up the trail and never look back?  There is no point.

The next day I joined a family member on Mount Walker, so I had a strenuous hike two days in a row.  On the way up I met a woman named Val who was training for Mount Baker.  Val first summited Rainer last year and get this, she did it at the age of 69!

I did Mount Walker by bus and that added half a mile and we hiked down the road instead of the trail to add a couple more miles and we also walked to both viewpoints.

                                                      Miles                                 Elevation gain
Ellinor via winter route 4.80 3300.00
Mount Walker 7.50 2100.00

Interesting house in Hoodsport

Photo by Stephan

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