Friday, April 15, 2016

Harps Shelter

Old car viewpoint and fence

Harps owned the Mount Rose Lodge or Antlers Lodge.  They also had a summer camp on the South Fork Skokomish.  I assume that their camp is where Harp's shelter now stands.

This was a road walk today since the wild life gates are shut.  I was shocked to find an unmarked car parked that the upper trail head.  I was not surprised to see a car with government places parked near the secret trail to the river though.

I saw a few things that I have not seen before.  The biggest surprise was an old viewpoint that people must have driven up to in the past.  The fencing was there to keep people from falling off the cliff I think.  The view is of Wonder Mountain and the Skokomish River.

11.5 miles 250 feet elevation gain.

Perhaps a tribal car

Harps Shelter

Near Laney Camp

Plenty of wood in the river, no need to uproot more native trees and use
helicopters to throw them into the river .

Old culvert

rain on the hike out

Unmarked car at upper trail head

witches butter lit nicely

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