Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lower South Fork Skokomish Spring has Sprung

I had a nice long hike on the Skok yesterday.  I thought I would be bored on this mole stroll but the hike was very interesting with so many bryophytes in their reproductive mode.  I wandered off trail a little bit and I saw some other neat stuff.

Patches is wiped out this morning and she is limping slightly like she does the day after all long hikes.  She sure was eager to go hiking though.  Lunch was some rice and pork and a cup of coffee.  A hot lunch makes me feel good for the rest of the day.  I had a second coffee break at about 4:30.

Apometzgeria pubescens liverwort on a big leaf maple

Basidio lichens on rotten wood

Yellowfoot Chanterelle Cantharellus tubaeformis

Bracket fungi and the sky

Bracket fungi with possible Neamatoloma mushrooms

Slug eating a Carpocephala of the Great Scented Liverwort
Conocephalum conicum

Antitrichia curtipendula moss

Devil's club spines

Trilliam aka Easter Lilly

Fairy vomit lichen apothecia    Icmadophila ericetorum

Bracket fungi

Hypnum cicinale moss

Leucolepis acanthoneuron moss

Conocephalum conicum or snakeskin liverwort with male reproductive part

"Pacific fuzzwort" liverwort with sporophytes. Latin name Ptilidium californicum. Liverworts are mostly tiny little plants that kind of look like moss. Most people who study moss also study liverworts and hornworts.

Pacific fuzzwort liverwort

"Pacific fuzzwort" liverwort sporophytes. Latin name Ptilidium californicum.

Pellia with sporophyt emerging

Plagiomnium insigne moss

Riccardia palmata liverwort with sporophytes through a handlens

Riccardia palmata liverwort with sporophytes through a handlens

Banana slug eyes

Amanita mushroom

Usnea longissma lichen


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