Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fir Lake, no snow

rough skinned newt on the trail

I think I'm going to make Fir Lake my hike when ever I would have done Dosewallips. Fir lake is quite a bit further from home but it's much less crowded and it is about the same distance.  I forgot that this was such a long hike, it's a good workout with a reward of solitude and old growth at the end.

The lack of snow in the Olympics this year is shocking and it does not bode well for the salmon.  I hope that we have a wet summer to help prevent forest fires, but a wet summer is not in the forecast.

Compare these two pictures of the same place, the first was taken on March 13th 2015 and the second one was taken in April of 2013.  The second pictures shows normal snow levels.

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March 2015

April 2013

Scapania liverwort, Orthotrichum and Polytrichum moss on a rock

Funaria hygrometrica "Bonfire moss" living up to it's name

I wonder if this algae  will survive the dry summer ahead?

Probably Kindbergia praelonga var. stokesii

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