Monday, September 15, 2014

Lower South Fork Skokomish Haven Lake Fire

Just a stroll in the woods to loosen up after my big hike on the PCT.  It was nice but boring to be in my home forest again.  There is a lot of trail work being done.. One big cedar was cut down and I can't figure out why.  It was a healthy tree.

Don't bother coming here for mushrooms, I already picked them all.  Each year students from the Evergreen State College field trips come and pluck everything within one mile of the trail head, I beat them to it this year.  Actually its not a good mushroom season so far.  We had one good rain but now it's too dry.

The Mason County Haven Lake fire has started up again.  I thought it would be out by now.  It's burning in a Greed Diamond tree farm.  That's tax free land, I hope that Greed Diamond foots the entire bill.  I've been to Haven Lake but it's all red dotted and closed off forever now.  South Mountain seems to be closed too.  It's time for me to remove all of my geocaches in the area.

Haven Lake fire

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