Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dry Creek from the South

Tetraplodon mnoides "Black fruited stink moss"

The goal today was to start at the south end of the Dry Creek Trail and hike up and over the saddle and down to the ridge top campsite.  The road to the dry creek trail is in good condition, meaning no trees or rocks in the road but there are huge water bars that require a high clearance vehicle to overcome.
Our hike started at ten am.  I forgot how long the road section of this trail is.  Dry Creek trail used to go from The South Fork Skokomish River to the staircase ranger station on the North Fork Skokomish.  The Shady land nature trail is actually a severed section of the Dry Creek Trail.

I found a lot of Tetraplodon mniodes moss up there and it was in full bloom.

ON the way back we wandered up Lebar Creek where there are clear signs of an old but well maintained trail near the creek.  I wonder if this is the old Dry Creek Trail, maybe this is where the trail went before it was routed up a logging road?  We had our lunch on Lebar creek. 

We also wandered down a road that was decommissioned old style.. that is very gently, they only removed the culverts, they did not cut down all the trees and leave giant gaping holes in the earth.

Our hiked ended at about 6pm
It does not look like they have destroyed the road to Mount Tebo yet.

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