Monday, June 16, 2014

Stand to Pee devices for females

I sent this email to every STP device maker I could find on the net but only P-style has responded so far.  We both used P-style on our last hike and we were happy with it.  

Get one or two for yourself:'s-a-pStyle%3F.html

Hello there, 

My ten your old daughter and I are avid hikers and users of a female
stand to urinate devices.  I run the blog

 My daughter and I would like to write a review and comparison of each
currently available stand to urinate device for women.  I think this
review and comparison could provide valuable publicity for your
device.   We are asking each manufacturer of these type of devices to
send us two free samples (one each) to test out for our review and
comparison.    We intended  to publish our review by July of this year.

But so far only P-style has responded so we will hold off on doing our review until September.  By then we will have through hiked Oregon on the Pacific Crest trail.

Thank you
Mossy Mom

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