Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mount Walker Area

Jefferson Transit number one to Mount Walker

My mother is off the ventilator and I'm somewhat free to hike again.  Last month was an expensive month for me but at least I had some money then.  This month we plunge to well below the poverty level.  My husband lost his job and has no income.  My family of three will be living on $877 a month unless my spouse can get social security.  He's done his 40 credits, we'll find out on the 16th if he gets anything.

I had a migraine all day but it only really hurt when I was not walking.  When I changed buses in Brinnon I popped into the store and bought two bottles of Coke.  I never drink pop, but I knew that all the caffeine and sugar in Coke would help with my migraine and I was right!

  I took the bus up to the Mount Walker area and headed up Buck Mountain road.  I ran into one couple who were hiking down, they were disappointed with their hike.  There was no view and they could not find the way back to the trail after it hit the road.

I also could not find the way back to the trail so I settled on a nice viewpoint on the road.  I think I know the way to the top now but it involves ignoring a no tress passing sign.. so I'm not so sure.

The rhododendrons are in their prime right now.  I left Patches at home since getting her on the bus sometimes requires psychological warfare and with a migraine I was not up for warfare.

8.5 miles with 2,600 feet elevation gain..

Thimble berries... jam tomorrow!

Salmon berry... Jam now

Buck mountain in the middle

View at my normal lunch spot

The view was better then this but I was too slow to capture it

Riding home on Jefferson transit

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