Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thrashing around at Lena Lake

My view at lunch time

I had to catch my bus at 6:45 and I was not thrilled about that, but I was happy to be able to catch some pretty morning light on the canal and at the Lake.  I only stopped briefly at lunch rock because the sun was glaring both in the sky and off the water.
I had lunch in the rocks on the far shore.  I cooked a hot lunch and had hot tea.  I was unsure if I had enough time to circle the lake, but I was already too far around the lake to go back, so I made the circle.
The last bit of the circle was rough going and I was really worried about time, but I made it back to the trail with two hours to go before my pick up time.
I made it down in just 1.5 hours and had plenty of time to relax and have tea at the trail head pic nic table.  I was unsure about timing becuase I kinda quit going to Lena Lake after I got the parking ticket.  I had my pass displayed on my dash just like I was supposed to, but for some reason the ranger gave me a ticket anyway.  I've only been back one time since and even then I was worried about getting another unwarranted parking ticket.
No worries about getting parking tickets this time since I rode the bus!
I have a cold, so I only hiked one time this week.  It sure was nice to get out of the foul city air.
About 7.5 miles with 1,200 feet elevation gain

I lost my:

while thrashing around in the brush.. :(   If you follow the Amazon link and do some shopping it will raise funds so I can buy a new one.

Video trip report, it might have an advertisment since I used some 3rd party content (music)


Patches photobombs my trail head picture

Aquatic moss

My ride

Peltigera venosa

My morning bus ride up the Hood Canal


Joe Hendricks said...

Enjoyed the video!
Hope you are feeling better..

Mossy Mom said...

Thans Joe, I'm glad you liked the video. I need feed back to know if I should keep making them.

I'll be out hiking again by mid-week.