Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Skokomish Lower South Fork in the rain

I really wanted to hike on Monday, but I had to wait until Tuesday because my spouse insisted that I stay home to watch the bathroom floor being repaired..  really???  He had the day off, he was home all day.   I saw no reason for me to have to stay home on the only day predicted to be dry this week. 

Well, he got his way, but I made sure he knew I was not pleased about it.  When I got home from hiking on Tuesday I made a point of showing him all my soaking wet gear and just how heavy wet gear is and just how cold poor Patches was. My soaking wet bandanna just might of landed on his face while he was snoozing on the couch.

So for my trip report:

I drove my little car to the trail head in the rain and I parked my little car in the rain and then I hiked in the rain and had lunch in the rain and hiked out in the dark and rain and then drove home in the dark and the rain.

Here is a 15 second video trip report:

Now it's Wednesday and the sun is shining but I'm too tired to hike because I hiked yesterday and I have a dial-a-ride hike planned for Friday.  The weather forecast for Friday is 100% chance of... you guessed it.. RAIN.. sigh..

I only packed my point and shoot camera for this hike so my pictures are not the best and my lens was wet most of the time.  At least that means I don't have to watermark my photos. (no pun intended)

 I'll probably go ahead and take my big camera on Friday though.  My raincoat kept me dry on Tuesday so it should be able to keep my camera dry.

I picked two pounds of yellow chanterelles with a few whites mixed in and one pound of winter chanterelles, one small bears head, two small Reshi and a bunch of honey mushrooms.

I stashed my bags as I hiked in so I could pick them up on the way out.  But I was unable to find my final bag of honey mushroom caps.  Maybe someone else found it for me, I don't know.  All I knew for sure was that my pack was 1/10th of a mile away from me on the trail and my headlamp was in my pack and the sun was going to set in 20 minutes.  I did not want to get caught in the dark without my pack or headlamp, so I did not put too much effort into finding that last bag.

Mushroom season is starting to wind down.  This trail is no good at all for mushroom hunting until you get out of the range of Evergreen State College Field trips.  Luckily the students don't hike very far, so I can get out of that range on a typical day hike.  I know that this trail is well picked over by other mushroom hunters, so I don't go there for the mushrooms.

My feet were soaking wet in my stupid Solomon "waterproof" boots.  My new boots should come today.  If they leak at all in the first six months they are going right back, I can't afford to waste money on poor boots anymore.

7 miles with 300 feet elevation gain

Honey mushrooms

Bears Head

Yellow jacket nest

Huge hedgehog mushroom

This is acutally a white chanterelle
Cantharellus subalbidus
sometimes they are yellow

All white chanterelles

Cortinarious voiolaciea (spelled wrong)

Amanita vaginata

underside of same giant hedghog

Tea time in the rain

My lunchtime shelter

new signs

A stalked slime mold I think

Some clay in the river

hand written sign warning of 30 yellow jacket stings in one group

The haul

My Temperate Rainforests class found a
cauliflower mushroom here in 2007.  I've
checked back every year and it has never returned.

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