Thursday, August 29, 2013


  After taking a three week break from hiking I think my ankle is ready to be tested again.  I can walk to the store and back with no pain and my balance is as good as ever.  I'm going to do a low key test hike tomorrow to find out where my ankle is at. 

While waiting for my ankle to heal I made a car camping trip to the Redwoods.  I love the Redwoods and I love seeing the country by car camping.  When I am car camping all that maters is cook the food, wash the dishes set up the shelter, wash the clothes.  None of the usual complicated stresses of home life, just the basics.

I'm very sad to report that my dikaryotic partner was unable to travel and camp with us this year.  I really enjoyed camping with him in the years past. He and I have a unique car camping style, I'd call it hobo car camping.   We travel with a minimum of gear and sleep out under the stars.  We only retreat to our tent when it rains.  We hug trees, we cook meals over my 15 year old coleman stove, we fight over camping spots, we analyze American life and we watch each other's backs.  It was good while it lasted.

I would like to start doing more product reviews on this blog as they have been very popular with my readers.  Companies who are interested in getting a product review on this blog please contact me via the comment form.  This blog is an ideal place to showcase your new products.

Dinner in a day use area on the way to California

Western Fence Lizard

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