Friday, August 2, 2013

Backpacking with an ultralight pack

I finally got to take my pack backpacking.  I love it!  I carried all my normal backpacking supplies plus 3 days worth of food for 2 people (6 days for 1) and it was comfortable.
I'm not sure if this is the standard way to load it, but it worked having my tarp in the front mesh pocket.

Oh yeah I also had my 4 pound DSLR camera in the front mesh pocket.  I normally carry it on my hip, but the battery went dead so I tossed it into the pack.

I did not weigh this load because I don't trust my scale.  My base pack weight is under 15 pounds, that's about all I know for sure.  I'll never go back to hauling around my REI pack that is one size too big.  The size Small Gorilla is all I need.  My single heaviest item is my camera.  What a shame that the battery went dead and left me carrying 4 pounds of DEAD weight.

Pounds  Ounces
Tarp Shires Rainbow for 3 2 5
REI Bag Magma 15 deg men's 2 7
Prolite pad 14
Pack Small (med hip) 1 8
pot 6
stand 1
screen 0.8
reflect 0.2
Stove 1
2 bic mini lighter 1
Ursack 6
Plastic pop bottle 1
Mittens 2
Warm hat 3
Thermal pants, for sleeping 2
Thermal Shirt, for sleeping 2
Fleece Jacket 12
Xtra socks 5
Large Mne's Event rain jacket 15
REI rainpants (precip type) 11
Sun hat 2
Sun glasses 2
First aid kit and toiletries 7.6
Extra batteries 5
head lamp 4
Spot 4
DSLR camera and bag 4
Tent Stakes 3  

Pounds total 17.35
Minus camera 13.35
My daughter learned how to use one of these: It was her idea to pack it.

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