Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ankle injuries again

  I sprained my ankle while taking out the garbage yesterday.  My right ankle is so weak that it just collapse with no warning unless I either wear an ankle brace or think about every footstep.  Yesterday I forgot to think about every footstep as I walked across my yard, so my ankle gave out and I fell down.  I got right up and kept doing what I needed to do as I was caring for a VERY ill family member. 

Today my ankle hurts and there is some swelling.  I don't know how long this will stop my from hiking.  I know that my ankle will never be right again, so waiting for it to heal is pointless.  I'm just going to wait for it to quit hurting and then I'll start hiking again.

I had major reconstructive surgery on both of my ankles about 20 years ago and the surgery has held up well, perhaps too well.  I've been told that my ankle joints are unusually tight, the doctors have no idea what is wrong with my left ankle, even after putting me under general anesthesia and doing live x-rays on my ankle in every possible position about a year ago.  I suspect there is nerve damage.  Physical therapy helped a little bit but not enough.  Luckily I found an ankle brace that both works and does not hurt to wear.  Without my ankle brace I would have quit hiking a couple of years ago.

My good ankle hurts a little bit and my entire body is a bit puffy from the heat and stuff, so maybe this injury is not as bad at it feels.  It did not hurt at all when I first twisted it.  My lawn really needs to be mowed but with me caring for an ill relative who has both emphysema and pneumonia  while I am nursing my own injurted ankle, it's not going to get mowed anytime soon.

On days like today I have to wonder if it was worth it.
  This was me shortly before my double ankle surgery..

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