Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time for me to fly: up Mount Rose that is..

tea time!

I really needed to hike, but my afterschool care decided to go live in hell for a couple of years.  That’s actually why I needed to go for a hike.  I really needed some exercise to deal with the pain and stress, but I did not have a lot of time.   I don’t want to leave my 9 year old home alone, but my neighbor says that my 9 year old is probably safer alone then with her old afterschool care. If this is true, I may need to get some counseling for my 9 year old.

But I digress; my allotted time for this hike was 8:40 to 3:15 school bus stop to school bus stop.  That’s not a lot of time, so I opted for Mount Rose.  Rose is short and steep and kind of close to home.  I’ve been avoiding Rose due to the crowds up there and the small summit that is not built for crowds.  I had hoped that getting off to an early start would help me to avoid the mobs.
I started my hike at 9:25, by my calculations that gave me 6 hours to hike and 45 minutes to drive, so I went up the Mountain at the fastest pace that I knew I could maintain.  That is the pace that is just slow enough to keep my calves from cramping.  I had hoped to make to the top in 3 hours; the goal was 12:30.  I generally am happy if I can gain 1,000 feet an hour.  Rose has 3,200-3,500 feet elevation gain, so I knew I would have to do slightly better than 1000 feet a mile.    
I made very good time at first, but after horse camp I lost the trail in the snow for  a bit, still I made it up by 12:00pm and ½ hour ahead of my goal.  It only took me 2.5 hours to summit. I think listening to my iPod helped me to power up the hill.  Thank you Jello Biafra and Lynyrd Skynyrd! No thanks to my IPod for being so hard to figure out how to use.

Pano shot with an iPod

As usual Patches turned her nose up at most of her dog food.  But camprobber jays were happy to eat her food.  Well Patches is a bird dog, so that pissed her off a bit, I mean, her food (birds) were eating her food!  She chased them off and finished most of her food.  Classic Dog in the manger.

How to piss off  a bird dog 101

  I figured I would need two hours to hike down the short route, or maybe 2.25 hours to hike down the long route.  I decided that 1:15 was my mandatory turnaround time.   On the way up I saw a rough skinned newt but I did not have time to photograph it.
I had the summit all to myself for 45 minutes, well all to myself  and Patches and the camp robber jays.   I had tea and a few handfuls of trail mix on the summit.  I began my trip back down at 12:45 and I decided to take the long route since I was a little ahead of time and I know the long route a bit better than I know the short route.  I had no trouble finding my way back down except were all the windfall was. 

It was a shame to have to rush through this beautiful forest:

There is wind fall on the long route; most of it is near the creek with the foot bridge not far from horse camp.  Only one of the windfall trees is large and it fell straight down the trail with a large rotten snag.

Smaller windfall trees over the bridge
As I headed down I saw another hiker (oh the horrors!) and his dog.  They were both sitting in the middle of the trail.  I leashed up Patches yelled down to warn them that I was coming through with a dog.  The guy really did not understand why I was warning him but he did hold on to his dog.  His dog was a black labs and labs tend to want to play with Patches, but Patches NEVER wants to play with other dogs.  After I had finished walking AROUND the hiker and dog in the middle of the trail I unleashed Patches.

Green stuff on the summit
I reached my car at 2:25 that gave me plenty of time to get stuck behind a log truck on the way home.  It also gave me time to get gas.  I should have bought gas in town but I did not know if I had enough gas to make it back to town. (I did) So I filled up in Hoodsport $40 to fill my little car.  Wow!  My Jeep is staying home for awhile.  They always raise gas prices before Memorial Day Weekend, but they really jacked them up fast this year.  I’m going to look into taking the dail-a-ride to some of my hikes.. I wonder if Patches is allowed on dail-a-ride?  I’m pretty sure I could catch dial-a-ride to the Big Creek trail head, but I don’t know if the times would work for me.
I took most of today’s pictures with my iPod as I forgot to put an SD card in my point and shoot (again!) and I opted to leave my heavy DSLR at home.

7 miles with 3,500 feet elevation gain

Track log as shown on Google Earth

Trees down over the trail

Paches with some lichens stuck to her mouth


GPS(r) on the summit

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