Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time for me to fly part II : Mount Rose

Lunch time view today
I made another quick run up and down Mount Rose today. I'm totally stressed out and hiking is one of my best remedies for stress.

  I left my GPS at the trail head at the start of my hike but realized it before I reached the trail register. I dropped my pack and found my GPS on my car.

  The view at the top was slightly cloudy, I love watching the clouds. My hike was slightly shorter today because I did not get quite as lost in the snow. Camprobber jays were on the summit again. I tied up Patches so I could have some fun with them.

I hiked back down the long way.  I did not see anyone else on the trail all day long.

Start time 9:15
Summit time 11:45
End of Lunch 12:45
Finish time 2:45

When I got home I realized I had left my GPS at the trailhead AGAIN. So I waited for my little one to come home and then drove all the way back out to Mount Rose and found my GPS waiting right where I had left it. Whew!

I'll put together a little movie of this hike later.  I'm packing for a backpacking trip with my daughter.

7 miles round trip with 3,500 feet elevation gain

This could have been the very last time I ever saw my GPS

Breaking a mirror gives you 7 years bad luck.. good thing I did not break it and I have a witness.

My one hour point


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