Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hiking totals so far this year, new pack in the mail, Verpas are in town

So far this year I have day hiked 12 times for a total of  102 miles.  I added this up now so I could figure out how many miles I have put on my pack since I bought it.  My pack has gone on about 112 day hikes for a total of about 850 miles.

I expect my new free GG backpack to arrive in the mail tomorrow.  After it arrives I will give it a thorough review.

Verpas are in town
Now that I am done with class I intend to kick it into high gear and really get out and do some hiking and lose some weight.  My left knee does not like the extra weight I am dragging around and I want to be faster and leaner.  Summer is coming, my little one can go backpacking with me and I expect to get out  a lot.  I see myself day hiking twice a week and backpacking on the weekends until the kids go on summer break.  When summer break starts I see my self doing a lot of backpacking trips with my little one.

Today I used REI outlet and 20% off coupon to get my kiddo a better sleeping bag.  I ended up getting half off the normal price on an REI brand bag that is rated 10 degrees.  I think the rating is wrong so it should not be too hot for my kid to sleep in.  It is filled with 600 power down and weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces. It should be perfect for my kid and I might use it in the summer if I go out alone.

Tomorrow I'm going on a short social hike with a friend and on Tuesday I'm going on a 14 mile hike with Marcus.  Marcus hopes to do the hike with out eating any food or drinking any water.  I think that's crazy, it's not something I reccoment trying.  Marcus says he will pack about a pound of power bars with him in case he can not hike without food.  I intend to eat and drink freely and have my usual cup of tea at lunch time.

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