Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Skokomish backpacking test number two

Morning reflections

This test did not go quite so well and we had to come home a day early when the little one threw her lunch on the ground in a temper after she had accidentally kicked some dirt into it.  She was mad that there was a bit of dirt in her lunch.  After she tossed it down I told her she would now have to chose either to go hungry until dinner time or to go home because there was no extra food. She chose to go home, so we went home.  I hope she will learn to quit kicking so much dirt around.

We are going to go backpacking again later this week, this was just another trail run.  I think she has now learned the hard way what I have been trying to tell her. When you are backpacking you have to be careful with your food and your shelter.   Safeway is not within walking distance.    I'm glad we were only one day into the woods when this happened.  I think we were both feeling a little under the weather at the start of this trip.  We only hiked in one mile before we camped.

My new sleeping bag kept me warm with minimal clothing so I think it's a keeper.  If I had gotten cold I still could have put on my long underwear and my down coat and my mittens and wool socks and four hand warmers like I did last time.  But I was warm enough in just nylon pants, thin socks a short sleeve shirt a hat and a medium thickness fleece coat.  My new sleeping bag actually keeps getting warmer the longer I stay in it.  Yay for 2 pounds and 7 ounces of bliss.

The condensation in my tarp tent was horrible, water rained down on us when my trekking poles sunk into the sand just enough to change the pitch of the tarp. Also I struggled to pitch the tarp on the sand in the wind.  I've had my tarp tent for a while now and this was the most I have ever struggled with it.  I'd like to have one of the newer ones with better Velcro and built in line tighteners and a better system to keep the bath tub floor up.  But at $300 a pop, I think I'll be sticking with my old tarp tent for quite awhile.

2 miles 400 feet elevation gain

Busy as a beaver

Bad pitch, bad tarptent, long wet night

New sleeping bag, compare to bag on the right

Guess who forgot to pack any silverware? Mom did..

Hey is this little "mushroom" edible?


Bonfire moss

Bonfire moss  (Funaria hygrometrica)  in clear cut burn pile scar

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Sharon Lee Kubichek said...

oh gosh. brings back so many memories. DH and I went on so many boy-scout backpacking/general camping outings with our sons and other peoples' boys. so many little meltdowns. a lot of fun priceless times that their parents missed, but our fair share of times when you just have to walk off a bit and hum...especially if it was one of ours.