Friday, April 12, 2013

Duckabush in the rain

A quick between hikes, hike just to get out of the house. I went hiking with my hiker friend who does not like hiking in the rain or the snow and it rained.    I was still a bit sore from Tuesday's hike and my knee hurt from all that jumping,  so I was happy to take it a bit easy today.

My next hike will be a big one, where to,  I'm not sure.  Maybe Upper Lena Lake.

So far my new pack is great.  It fits me so well that I might not even need the hip belt.  I kept my keys in the hip belt pocket, they were awkward in the top pocket.  But the top pocket was perfect for my lunch, no danger of smashing my sandwich up there.

I discovered that the pack has clips on the shoulder belt, I'm not sure what the clips are for.  I don't seem to need the sternum strap but I will leave it on for one more hike just to be sure.

6 miles 300 feet elevation gain.

first hike with my new pack, I really like it, it fits so well that I probably don't
need the hip belt or the sternum belt.
Entering Brothers Wilderness

Mossy old pipe

fresh moss in the burned area

Glittering wood moss

Isothecium moss

Shelter for a rainy lunch break

Lunch time view

Porella liverwort

Same Porella liverwort

Duckabush River

Duckabush River trail

Raging torrent where I lost Patches for 5 minutes


Scot Thomas said...

Heads up: I was at Lena last weekend and checked out the trail to the Brother's (Valley of the Silent Men). Don't plan on hiking that anytime soon. If you try going to Upper Lena and bail, The Brother's trail won't be an option. What a MESS up there. Old growth down everywhere and the slide still doesn't have a bypass trail.

So just a heads up.

Also, we have a weird fungus pic from the hike up to Lena. Can I e-mail it to you or post it somehow and maybe you could identify it. It looks like brown, round gummy bears sort of.

Mossy Mom said...

Thanks! I could not believe all the trees down behind the wild life gate on the Lower Skokomish today..

Can you post the picture to mosswalks facebook page?