Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dry Creek Social Hike

9 miles with 800 feet elevation gain and I'm wasted.. I must be out of shape after winter quarter.  Saw the first Easter lilly of the season the day before Easter.  My 9 year old no longer believes in the Easter bunny.  It's a loss, I've been the Easter bunny for 16 years now.  I was too wasted after my hike to even make the effort to hide eggs.  I'll have to do something later today for my kids.

The trail is not in the best shape, there is two year old windfall still laying on the trail and lots of water on the trail.  I cut back all the limbs that were small enough for my hand saw.

9 miles with 800 feet elevation gain

Looking up to the summit of Mount Rose

Hornwort with no horns that I found at Copalis Crossing this week

Lophozia incisa found on the Dry Creek trail

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