Saturday, March 9, 2013

Big Creek to Overlook and old logging road

Tourist season has started, time for me to hit the more obscure trails and quit hiking on Saturdays
Mount Washington, I climbed it last summer

Just a quick social hike to clear my head a bit in time for finals week.  Up to the lookout and then down to explore an old logging road. 

After next week I'll get back into my twice a week hiking routine.  If I hike twice a week I lose weight without dieting.

My father gave a camera lens to my daughter and I borrowed it from her for this hike.  I had to clean the fish guts off of it first though.  The lens is a Nikon 28-200 all metal everything.  Very heavy, no vibration reduction and it only stops down to F22.  Still it has twice the zoom as my one and only zoom lens, so it was fun to play with.  I only own two lenses,  I mostly  use the 18-105 stock lens that came with the camera and sometimes. I use the 50 prime lens when I want to take lots of pictures of mushrooms or I want to carry less weight.

We did some trail clearing using the saw I found on the Skokomish river trail last year.  The little saw was impessive!

7.5 miles with 1,800 feet of elevation gain

Little waterfall before the connector trail

Neat looking track log


Marcus Hampton said...

See that road that intersects the trail coming up from 119? I'm going to try that next time. Unless you beat me to it. There is a gate where you park and look for the side trail. I just went to REI and, with three employees all trying, that was the only real help I got.

Mossy Mom said...

I do see that road and was just discussing it with flybyyou on the hikers forum.. funny you mention it now.. :)