Sunday, June 3, 2012

West Fork Humptulips

We found this trail that is not in the "Olympic Mountain Trail Guide" by Robert L. Wood.  It was most disorienting to find a trail that is not in the guide.  Is this a new trail?  We found sphaghum moss growing in hummocks and on logs.  Also found some sort of Pellia growing everywhere.  We had to turn back where the trail crosses the river with no bridge.

To get here we drove the 23 road to the 22 road and then took Donkey Creek Road.  Nearly 60 miles of  mostly dirt roads but it was nice to not have to deal with any traffic on the way to the campground.  We will be back!

4 miles 200 feet elevation gain

A camping kid is a dirty kid

A vascular non moss plant

How to car camp in a rain forest


We could not get up onto the root ball so we could not cross

One the drive out

Creek Crossing

Could not cross here

Road above camp with snow at only 2,000 feet

Spoon Creek Falls on the drive in

Track and elevation log

Another trail head

The trail

Vascular non-moss plant

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