Monday, June 25, 2012

Dosewallips Road

Had a nice hike down the Dosewallips road today.  There are trail crews working on the trail and a few people were camped near the ranger station.  The ranger station looked like it might be open.  It rained some on the hike out and I got a bit cold on the way home.  It is chilly in the house and I'm tempted to turn on the heat but will put on some warm clothes instead.

I don't think I have done this hike in the summer before, the falls and the river were much bigger than I have ever seen.  The spring melt is here.  The burned area had a full green undercover of fireweed that contrasted well against the black trees.  I think the area will be pretty when the fireweed blossoms.  Stone crop was in blossom too.  The campgrounds at the Ranger station looked nice a green.  I'm so used to it being white from snow that it all looked quite diffferent to me.

I'm too stiff and sore for such an easy hike.  I guess I'm still not in the shape I would like to be in.  I took company with me so I could avoid any unpleasant encounters with the dude who is building perpetual motion machines.

  12 miles with 1,100 feet elevation gain.

Old Ghost pipe

Hypholoma fasiculare

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